Maybe This Time

So, rather, embarrassingly, I sent off all of my Visa stuff without including my physical passport. Granted, I thought the point of the biometrics and passport verification sheet was to ensure that my passport was good, and not requiring me to actually send it in.

Anyway, I was super excited when I got something in the mail from the British Consulate in New York, only to be told to send in my passport next time.

However, having done that now, I got an email from the UKBA telling me that they’ve now got everything, and it’s being organized in preparation for consideration by an Entry Clearance Officer. They also tell me that 90% of applications are completed in no more than three weeks, 98% in six weeks, and 100% in 12 weeks.

I’m pretty damn sure that I’ve proved my ability to support myself in the UK while being unemployed, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I hope to hear back within three weeks… It’d be the beginning of April, which would give me about two months to get everything settled, booked, and ready to go by the end of May.

That sounds delightfully soon 🙂

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