Lovely March We’re Having

Isn’t it?

Lots of relaxation, things going right, good health, etc.

Oh wait, I’m mistaken, it hasn’t been that way.

I just received an email from the UKBA starting with “We regret to inform you…”

They’re shipping all of my documents and passport back to me with a “detailed notice explaining exactly why [my] application was refused and information on [my] appeal rights.”

I’m a bit taken aback. I thought I had it in the bag.

I’m struggling to look on the bright side.

But I think I might have an explanation – I got on the UKBA website and it says that an American can travel in the UK for up to six months without a visa…

Maybe that’s why they rejected my six month visa, because it’s redundant?

I’m praying that’s the case.

My sails have officially lost whatever wind they had regained.

Depending on what my rejection- I’m sorry, they use the pet-friendly term “unsuccessful”- letter says, I’ll go anyway without a visa (since apparently I can go up to six months without one anyway).

I hope.


I guess, as soon as I read the “detailed notice” as to why I was “unsuccessful” and, with any luck, learn that it was just because I can go without it, I’ll go ahead and book my plane tickets and find a flat to stay in for the time.

I have to go. I can’t not do this. It is imperative that I do this.

I’d love to go sooner, since the new Star Trek film is premiering in the UK first… but that would only give me a month here and that’s not enough time. I’ll stick to the end of May.



Jesus Christ.


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