What Goes Up

Must come down. Oh, and how the mighty fall.

Got the letter from the UKBA with a detailed notice of “The Decision.”

The key points include:

– I am single with no children.

– I have only been at my job for 10 months with no expressed plans to return to it.

– I have only been in my apartment for about the same amount of time.

– It is not clear from my application “what family [I] have in the US or what [my] domestic circumstances are.”

– They are “not satisfied that [I] have sufficient ties to the US which would prompt [my] timely departure from the UK” nor are they satisfied “that [my] reasons for going to the UK are those of a short term visitor” which they previously state are “tourism and travel.”

In conclusion, I have not provided “compelling reasons to return to the US within six months.”

Okay, besides my job, my apartment, my car, my belongings, my parents, my brother, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, my second cousins, my best friends, my hometown, my home country, my life, my money, my school, my citizenship…

No, they’re right, I’ve got nothing to even tempt me to want to come back.

It sounds like they’d allow me to go if I were married with kids, a house, a yard, and a picket fence – because then it would totally make sense to up and abandon my responsibilities for no more than six months. Got it. I’ll work on that.

In the mean time, I don’t get it.

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