Let the Games Begin

I am planning on booking my plane tickets as well as my extended-stay flat this week.

I’ve found about five places that look like “me” and seem to offer the best amenities. I couldn’t be more excited to drop a wad of cash.

Notting Hill seems to be my cup of tea.

I think I’ll spend a couple days in Boston after my graduation, partly with my family and partly with my friend from Canada, if she can sneak down. If anything, I’ll need a moment to prepare for the journey on which I’m about to embark.

Part of me is getting anxious – am I seriously going to do this? Holy shit. I’ve never done anything like this.

I honestly can’t wait to get over there and document my experiences. I have a brand new Moleskine journal ready to be tattooed.


I guess that’s all I’ve got for now – just procrastinating the gym.

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