Here I Go Again On My Own

I plan on booking my flat and airfare this week, probably in reverse order. I absolutely cannot wait to have that finalized. I’ve decided on any airline that isn’t Delta, and I have narrowed the flat between a place in Chelsea and one in Notting Hill.

In talking to a friend of mine, she said I should rent Richard Hammond’s flat – he keeps one in London while he’s working. I’m sure his wife wouldn’t mind him having a young, single, American woman interested in cars and fast-driving sharing his space while he’s away from home. Hey, it’s just an idea.

So from today, it is two months until the graduation ceremony in Boston. That means two days after I walk across stage to receive, what I’m sure is, a blank sheet of paper hoping one day to be replaced with an actual degree, I will jet off to Mother England.

Quick update between loads of laundry 🙂

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