Two Ninas Don’t Make a Right

The title of this post is completely unrelated to the actual topic, but a co-worker just said it and I had to use it.

Tomorrow is my goodbye party with my co-workers. We are going to my favorite bar/wine joint/eatery, Brix, where there is a drink named after me. It’s a tad awkward because typically, the goodbye party is where everyone says what they’ve always wanted to say but never could because it would create for a tense environment. My goodbye party falls exactly a week before my last day of work. I am thinking about making a speech, giving everyone a pass so that they can go ahead and say what they’ve always wanted to say to me and I will promise not to A: tell HR nor B: hold it against them for five days before I’m gone.

Hopefully, I’ll illicit a laugh and not “thanks, ’cause you’ve been such an annoying person to work with for the past year!”

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