The Beginning of My Three-Month Weekend

One week. That’s all I’ve got. A week from today, I’ll be flying to Boston.

I guess that means I’ve got to start getting my shit together. 

Had my last day of work yesterday. It was a stressful day up until about 230 and then it calmed down enough for me to feel the gravity of what I was doing. I can’t adequately describe the cognitive dissonance I’m feeling walking away from such a wonderful place. 

Then, I can’t lie, I think about not working for three months. Good cure for that cognitive dissonance.

Today, I’ve got to do laundry. Probably start packing.

I’ve got my passport and my Oyster card. I need to exchange money, make sure one or both of my parents have the ability to deposit money into my bank account, or whatever; I need to get a laptop case. You know, probably just way more shit than I can even think about right now. 

I’ll just stick to laundry.

Every time I try to write in this damn thing lately, my mind goes foggy. I’ve been entirely preoccupied as of late.

And I guess my dad is on his way with my chaise and bookshelf from my office, as well as the suitcase I’m going to borrow from him. 

Laundry it is.


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