Shit from Shineola

Jesus, I hate packing.

I swear I am incapable of packing lightly. I’ve filled up three suitcases and have yet to pack my bras and shoes. I believe those are necessary items.

I keep thinking, “three months is a long time!” and also, less helpfully, “three months isn’t that long.” These conflicting ideas are obviously causing a problem.

I will have access to laundry, yes; which means I don’t have to pack as much since I’ll be able to clean what I dirty. That being said… I hate laundry, and I want as many options as possible. 

I don’t want to HAVE to buy a bunch of stuff when I get there. That’s why I’m bringing as much as I can. I don’t want to get there and be like, crap, I don’t have a black cami to go under this blouse, or something.

I probably don’t need as many pants as I’ve packed… This is so obnoxious.

I also have this fear of not being able to corral all of my bags at Heathrow. Of course, I’d get a trolley, but it’ll sure be a pain in the ass. I hope Heathrow isn’t packed at 730am on a Wednesday…

It’s too bad that Boston is already being overshadowed. I’ve never been there, nor has the rest of my family, and yet I can’t really care. Luckily, my professor moved the due dates of our final assignments: the online discussion post is due Saturday (so I can do it on the way to Boston, really), and the final paper is due Tuesday (my folks will have left and I won’t have much else to do). What I should do is get everything done tomorrow/Friday before I go so I don’t have to worry about it. 

Sigh. We’ll see.

I’m already so focused on my first night in London that all of these preceding events are stressing me out. 

Dial it back.

Task at hand.

Reassess packing situation.

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