Strictly Loitering

So I’m sitting in a Starbucks in Shepherd’s Bush, avoiding the Irishman who chatted me up and then hugged and kissed my cheek for a socially inappropriate length of time at the pub, but mainly avoiding the torrential downpour. I have a brolly, but I think I’m fine watching others get soaked.

My stay in London so far… Well, my first night, I was a supporting artiste and got to spend a few hours on the set of an indie film. That was pretty damn awesome. I got to meet Benedict Cumberbatch; wish I wouldn’t have been pushed out of the way by all of these fangirls – I would have liked to have said more than “thank you” to him. Then again, I’m here for another two and half months, so I may have another chance. Either way, I played it cool, but inside I was a bit starstruck – he’s a very genuine and talented person.

Since then, I’ve been spending my days either lounging or walking the streets for hours. I don’t really have an agenda and I like it that way. I watch everyone rushing through the underground and feel like I should be picking up my own pace; then I remember I don’t have anywhere to be. Quite a strange feeling, but I can’t be bothered 🙂

Most of the time, I feel quite like a local. I wander, but I’m never aimless. I’ve got a pocket hotspot so I can have wifi where I go (a must-have). I navigate the tube really well and really like riding it. I just sit and play solitaire and listen to music while everyone hurries to work. I’m severely blessed.

Not an ounce of homesickness, as expected. Then again it’s only been a week and a half. Mom is coming up end of June and then my friend from Canada will be here a few days after mom leaves. I can’t wait to show mom around. She’s never been outside the US, really.

I keep getting distracted by people-watching. It’s at its finest here, truly. Not only is it one of the most culturally diverse places on the planet, so I’ve read, it’s full of some of the most beautiful people, too, I’d have to argue. I know I need to start riding the tube around quitting time so that I can see the men in their business suits.

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