Only One at the Gym at One-Thirty AM

So, my wifi at home has been down all week. What has free wifi? Not Starbucks. Well, yes, Starbucks does have free wifi. I’m talkin’ about the gym.
I’ve gone through two and a half Doctor Who seasons on this recumbent bike.

In just over a week, I’ll be headed back to London. Just for a week this time. Over my twenty-fifth. Perfect place to spend my quarter-life milestone, I think.

Being jobless isn’t too bad, actually. Then again, I’ve never had a problem doing nothing. Plus, I’ve been able to consume copious amounts of television and film.

I had been resistant about getting into Doctor Who. The few minutes I’d seen at one point just confused me and made me groan a bit, I confess. It was just so homemade and crazy.

I wrote about it in my masters thesis. I had never watched it, only knew what I’d seen on Instagram or tumblr; yet here I was, writing three or four pages on it’s quintessential Britishness. That must have done it – it worked its way into my heart. I wrote about how brilliant it is, so naturally, I had to see for myself.

I’ve already laughed out loud and been in tears. On the bike at the gym. Don’t mind me. Then again, there aren’t many people here during the wee hours of the morning. Just the way I like it.

I get to be here during these peak (to me) hours because I’m still on the strangest sleeping schedule. In London, I would be up til three or four in the morning and wake up at noon or one in the afternoon. I chalked it up to that first night being up til five AM, setting me up for the rest of my stay. I figured, what the hell – with the time difference, I’ll be on a normal schedule when I get back home.

I’ve been home for a month and I’m still up til three or four in the morning and waking up at noon or one in the afternoon. ‘the hell. I guess it doesn’t much matter because I’m jobless and unless I have errands to run, I don’t need to be on any “normal” sleep schedule.

Plus, then I get to be at the gym when no one else is.

I’m in the process of looking for a job – that is, until wifi went down. I want to get my paper published, if possible. I’ll be owning as a producer on a friend’s film shortly.

Even with nothing doing, I still manage to feel like I’m moving in the right direction. That’s good, right?

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