That’s your Horoscope for Today

I used to be a reader of horoscopes. I didn’t always believe them, but it was always spooky when it seemed to fit how my day went or seemed to predict what I had planned. The ones in the Omaha World Herald were only about five sentences. Of course they’re generalized so that they’ll fit anyone’s perception.

Something made me look at my horoscope last night.

I was looking for magazine subscriptions to spice up my usual mail delivery of bills and junk, when I ended up on the Marie Claire website. I was about to click on the subscription link when I saw something about horoscopes and couldn’t resist.

My blurb for the day read: “Spend time lost in daydreams – let yourself really wander off wherever you want to go. In the middle of all this fantasy, do you find anything you want to make a reality? Even your nuttiest ideas can come true, if you let yourself believe they might.”

I’ve always been a fantastical dreamer. Day-dreamer, more like. Nothing’s ever out of reach in my mind. I’ve always been a bit too optimistic. Some might substitute “unrealistic.” I just can’t imagine going through life praying for amazing things, believing amazing things can actually happen.

I’ve been single for a year. Luckily, none of my friends has tried to set me up. But I still get “aren’t you limiting yourself?” “Aren’t you being too picky?”

I don’t need a knight in shining armor, but I do need an Englishman in a Savile Row suit.

“Would it really be so bad to stay and work in Omaha?”

My first instinct is to say “no” because I love my hometown. I’d raise a family here. However, I feel the need to follow that up with “yes.” I’d be settling if I stayed here. I could easily get a job here. (I say, “easily”). But I want my dream job – and that isn’t going to come easily. I want to work for a television or film company in New York or Los Angeles, and I’m not going to find that in Omaha. Unbelievably.

I never thought I would leave Omaha until I went to London. I got a taste for such a city and I need to be somewhere like London if I can’t be there specifically.

So. On to my extended horoscope for the year, according to Marie Claire:

(I’m a Scorpio, by the way)

“With overflowing passion in all areas of life, you enjoy sharing, learning and developing your wonderful communication skills. Your ability to offer compassion and emotional sensitivity will help you connect to others, indirectly benefiting your home and career. You strive to get to the roots of issues, and develop intelligent and direct conversations. As you have a strong awareness of your own philosophical and spiritual inner world, you benefit greatly from private exploration of these concepts. Being more introspective, and focusing more on alone time instead of the outer world, will help you gather in some of your passionate energy and recharge your inner needs. You will become more interested in visionary ideas, and this will help you to use your latent creativity. Your desire for security is strongly connected with quality material possessions, and how much money you have. Your earning ability will dramatically increase, which will provide for enough left over both to enjoy life and put aside savings. Your dreams of creating a perfect home sanctuary will come true. Many of your deep desires to make changes in your outer world will draw the attention of others. Your abundant optimism will attract great benefits and resources. You could spend time creating visions for large groups of people and helping them achieve their highest dreams. This will create a new sense of self-worth in them, and in you as well. Your optimism in your love partnership could lead to interesting and exotic travel plans. You love the feeling aliveness and vibrancy travel and spontaneity bring to your life.

You will enjoy the classic romance of moonlight walks and candlelit dinners with your partner, this year. Having a committed relationship also filled with love and passion is one of your primary desires, and fulfills your emotional and erotic nature. You like the idea of having family and children. Take advantage of your desires to settle down and freely give of yourself to others. Home is very important, and you thrive on a need to have inner peace and family security. Your intuition and idealism in your approach to love makes you feel quite attracted and excited about nurturing all the energy you are feeling. Love comes easily to you, this year, through charm and finesse. (HA!) You can be in tune with your partner more than they can ever realize. You may also know things that he or she may not want to be revealed to you because of your tremendous psychic abilities, and strong instincts for distinguishing truth from fiction. For you to feel loved, nurtured and passionately cared for is a must. You will become quite moody if others aren’t sensitive to your deeper needs. At times you may feel hurt by your partner, and may go deep within and find a creative and spiritual resource instead of immediately lashing out. This will help you process your emotions until you can communicate exactly what you need to. Your deep emotions will require that you are understood: you know what you want and what is important to you. You will require others to understand you before you care to share with them your most intimate secrets.

You are strongly determined to succeed and to complete your creative projects. Inner desires will serve both your career and your higher visions in life. Your responsibility, this year, is to find a profession that utilizes and lines up with your own personal ideals. You feel very fortunate that you have a job, and it will be very important that you get both recognition and be allowed to express your passion and interests. You are motivated to start new projects and keep your job lively and interesting. You’re not afraid of hard work when you know that you have an important goal to fulfill. Direct your energies towards understanding and learning from experiences of those from different walks of life than yours. It will be important for you to be conscious of being more of a team player, while working any through problems that may arise. Get a good grip on things before acting and be aware to not want to jump to conclusions. Others count on your deep insight, clarity and awareness of what’s going on, as well as your ability to be able to communicate clearly. You have a natural talent to see other points of view, and don’t miss a beat when it comes to expressing yourself. You have the great talent of a dramatic actor, which you could no doubt use to great effect when you want to get your way. Your performances will make you an asset in social situations this year.

[italics and bolding for emphasis, source:]

As if I needed any reassurance or reinforcement to continue to dream big. It slightly helps with my entirely impatient nature. I know I’m waiting for a reason. Waiting for a man, waiting for a job. While I’m not actively searching for a man, I am actively searching for a job. I can wait for a man, I can’t wait for a job.

However, I know I will find both things when I’m supposed to find them. Call it lunacy, but I still believe in happy ever after. I wish it for all of my friends and family, and I will make it happen for myself.

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