I don’t always read my horoscope, but when I do…

“As the month opens, the many home decisions you need to make will be on your mind, thanks to the new moon that just appeared on January 30th. Whether the focus is a new space, new decor, or a new roommate, you won’t have much time to sort it out, as Uranus, a planet of unexpected events, will partner with this moon. Further, by the full moon on the 14th [of February], career will take center stage, with your profile set to rise when Mars, one of Scorpio’s rulers, works hard for you behind the scenes. With so much professional excitement, your real Valentine’s Day may have to come later in the month, when you see your best romantic developments at the 28th’s new moon…”
– ELLE Magazine, February 2014

So. Interestingly or not, like I’ve been moaning about, I’ve got all of these decisions to make regarding where I live: am I going to bite the bullet and get a place here? am I going to continue to rent my apartment? will I be looking for a place in New York or elsewhere? What the hell am I supposed to do?

I’m hoping the “unexpected events” will mean a job interview/offer, and therefore, unexpected traveling. I’ll be in Toronto over the 28th, when I’m apparently supposed to meet a love interest. Who the hell knows about that.

HOWEVER, I seem to be happening upon quite a few things lately that are reinforcing my intuition and encouraging me to stay close to the path I’m on. 

As they said in Sherlock ‘The Sign of Three’:
Mycroft: What do we say about coincidence?
Sherlock: The universe is rarely so lazy.

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