Inexplicable, But There

(Maybe it’s because it’s that pink and red, roses, hearts, and lurve time of year, but…)

It’s interesting what I notice when I lose myself in thought.

For example, I sometimes think to myself, “what am I going to do if I don’t find someone who meets all of my wants and needs?” I believe I’ve mentioned the fact that I’m entirely fine with waiting however long it takes to find just that; however, in weaker moments, I do wonder.

But when I think that, it’s never thought or felt devastatingly. It’s never thought in despair or depressingly. It’s never thought that way because I know, with the utmost certainty, that I will find that perfect person for me.

Somehow, in this funny little brain of mine, I know. I can’t say in what else I have such calm or knowing. Maybe only my faith in a higher power predominates the unshakeable faith in knowing absolutely that I will find my perfect person and I will be able to give the endless amounts of love inside me, and greater still, I will feel that love in return. 

I know this above all else.

It’s unfailing, this feeling. It’s incredible and unbelievably comforting. And based off of nothing at all.

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