Fan Mail

Just got my mail for the day and noticed I had a few letters – typically credit card promotions – but the one on top was from a local law firm. Being slightly para, I thought, oh God, what’s all this about. As I’m opening that letter, I notice the two letters behind it are also from law firms. FFS, what’s all this about?

The first one said, “We understand that you were recently involved in a car accident…” Oh my God. Opened the other two and they basically said the same thing. Urging me to seek legal counsel and all that. Seriously, colleges weren’t even this interested in me. 

Thanks, but… Ummmmmmm, nope.

Two of the three (which, by default, would make me disregard the odd one) sent me a copy of the accident report. Interesting.

The responding officer estimated the girl’s vehicle damage to $2000, which is probably about right. I notice he filled in the little bubble next to “TOTALED” in my car’s information. Well, I would say so. On the flip side of the page, he estimated the light pole’s damage to $1000. What-the hell-ever. That thing was sturdy AF.

I also learned that her airbag did not deploy, which is kind of ludicrous, to be honest. She may have hit me with the passenger side of her front bumper, but that was a good enough speed for hers to have deployed. We both had our seatbelts on, thank God. 

Then there’s a cute little diagram of the accident. My MINI looks like a matchbox compared to her Expedition, or whatever it was. 

Anyway, I got a call from the appraiser tonight. I’m going to meet him between 11 and 1130am. I wonder if I can get it towed to MINI of Omaha afterward. Ugh, that means I need to clean out all of my crap. Well, all the crap I can get to since the hatch is bent and the door’s stuck. 

Got super, embarrassingly emotional earlier, thinking about my plucky little Brit. Don’t worry, I left all of that for my journal. If only Richard Hammond was around for a chat about personifying and forming an emotional attachment with our cars. I had another look ’round the MINI website and saw that I could still order (or even find) another Baker Street edition. I’d love to have my car back, I really would. It kills me to think that I’m done with it. At the same time, I wonder if I should just let it be my one-of-a-kind, my one-off beauty and get a different MINI. 

A convertible would be fun, I love the barn doors on the Clubman; I know they have other limited editions like Hyde Park or Bond Street which are pretty beautiful… But I don’t know. Even a hardtop in British Racing Green sounds alright. I’ve got my nails painted in that color at the moment – it’s my black arm band, my sign of mourning. *sniffle* 

Erm… Yeah. Not sure what I’ll do yet. Guess it’ll somewhat depend on what the appraiser comes up with and what the girl’s insurance will do. Nevertheless, I’m going to find a MINI that makes me happy. 

Feeling a lot better today. A lot less stiff and sore. Still bruised and feeling like I’ve been strangled or had my neck stepped on. Still emotional. Still able to hear the sound of the crash plain as day. Only when I set out to think about it, so I don’t. Hurts to yawn or shiver (neck muscles sore/tendons twitch) describing that made me gag, can’t whip bangs out of my eyes (for the same reasons), hurts to laugh (abs, chest, ribs sore), bruises are annoying. Don’t really need Tylenol or anything. Not sleeping well/much. Haven’t gotten to the bottom of that one yet. Probably because I’ve had to be up for phone calls the past day or two and then I can’t very well get comfortable, having to avoid laying on bruises and whatnot. 

Wishing I had an on-board camera so I could see the crash from the inside (well, and the outside) in slow motion. The glass from my back windshield flying up to the front would be artistic and I’m sure I made some wicked microexpressions. I mean, did I say anything past ‘fuck!’? Did I scream? How did I get out of the bloody car? You know, the important questions. I need answers. If this had happened in London, I could ask Mycroft Holmes for the CCTV footage.

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