Loose versus Lose My Inhibitions

Reading fanfiction oh yeah, I read that shit makes me feel many things, like feels, but then there are times when reading it inspires me to write my own little ficlets. (And I use ‘ficlets’ incredibly loosely (ha!) because they’re really glorified paragraphs).

For example:

A fic which says “…the man who was causing me to loose my sanity…” causes me to wonder if ‘loose’ was a mistake or intentional. Because I could just as easily continue with: “He brushed his fingertips lightly over my wrist and down to where my fingers were clasped tightly around the end of the leash. ‘Darling,’ he whispered against my neck, ‘you have to let it go.’ With a sigh, I let my eyes slip shut as I slowly relaxed my hand. The loop of the leash slid down my fingers and dropped with a quiet thump into the grass. My sanity seemed to realize instantly that it was able to run, and it took off like a rocket.”

For another example:

A fic which says “…starting to loose myself in the heat…” leads me to think: “I had just yesterday gotten over the release of my sanity. Though I could still feel the buttery leather of the leash in my palm. ‘Darling, you know you must finish it,’ he said as he wrapped his strong arms around my middle. ‘But I’ll fall,’ I protested. Even with his support, I was unconvinced at my survival. ‘Not while I’ve got you held so securely against me,’ he murmured into the nape of neck. I took a deep breath and squeezed my eyes shut as tightly as I could. In a rush, I breathed out and felt my soul wisp past my lips and into the warm summer air.”


Now, I should mention that this isn’t a slight at all against fic authors. Even fic authors who accidentally use incorrect grammar. Even fic authors who intentionally use incorrect grammar. No matter the reason, or lack thereof, it has inspired me to do whatever that was, up there. Also, I realize I’m not as original as I originally thought – because the first one happened yesterday, the second happened recently, and they’re both super similar.

And, to the four-ish people I know who actually read this tripe:

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