Does ‘Cancelled’ Mean the Same Thing as ‘Canceled’?

I’ve gotten about two hours of sleep in the past, well, I don’t know. Forty-eight hours. No. Twenty-four hours. I don’t know. ‘Lot of caffeine and shit to get done.

Jo flies should be flying into Kansas City at 1051am which meant I am was going to hit the road around 730 or 8am to go pick her up. Then her flight got canceled. Or cancelled. The app said both, like, right on top of each other. Apparently two Ls is the British spelling. Either way, they mean the plane ain’t flyin’.

*takes swig of Moscato*

I had so much to clean in my apartment that I just decided to get a coffee and stay up. I ran a couple errands and got my place 90% spic and span. (Save for my bedroom because A: IDGAF and B: the only reason she’ll be in there is if we get drunk and spoon). Plus, for some reason, my bedroom is always the hardest room to clean. There’s just soooo much…. whinge whinge whinge.

Ayye, this Moscato is Australian. Thanks, Oz.

So. Yeah. So I stayed up all night and cleaned and watched To the Ends of the Earth with my simultaneously-press-play-at-chosen-time-and-frame-while-long-distance-viewing partner. I made up Jo’s bed and decorated her little ‘guest quarters’ as I’ve annoyingly taken to calling the area behind my couch where the air mattress is. Dad called me and said his friend who loves to clean is coming over to clean his place, so would I want her to clean anything at my place. Well, I’m not one to keep someone from doing what she loves, so I said, yes, please, come clean my bathroom (she oddly loves cleaning bathrooms) and my kitchen. Fuck, I just realized no one dusted. >.>

Well, now I have time, don’t I. Need to vacuum, too.

I took about a two-hour nap, maybe, after I finished mostly everything. Besides dusting and vacuuming, apparently. I wasn’t really all that tired until about the time – well, now – when Jo texts me and tells me her flight is canceled. And cancelled. There are a bunch of other flights to KC, at least, so who knows. 

I know I should probably go to bed, but I have a feeling that if I do go to sleep, I’ll sleep through any texts or phone calls. Miiiiight just tough it out. Actually, what’ll happen if I do go to sleep is that I’ll sleep like shit expecting a call or a text. I wish I knew what was going on. I’m just rambling now. 

Hopefully, I’ll update soon and be like, aww yiss, everything worked out!

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