Surviving the Extremes

An awesome, honest, oh-my-god-me-too write-up on anxiety, depression, and dealing with all that daily shit that gets exacerbated by the two.


I haven’t talked about the last two years of my life on the internet very much. After spending most of my teenage years sharing pretty much every aspect of my life
(“Mega crisis in the Roberts household: WE’VE RUN OUT OF DAIRYLEA!!!”, 13/08/11),
I suddenly lost the urge to announce to the world how I was feeling and what I was doing on a daily basis. My thoughts and experiences suddenly felt too self-absorbed, depressing and insignificant to record online, so I settled for quietly becoming obsessed with American TV shows and helplessly gazing into the middle-distance for long periods of time.

It’s taken a while, but I’ve started to realise that the internet isn’t just yet another place to fulfil the expectations of other people. It can be a hugely supportive place, full of people with similar experiences and helpful advice. After reading Scarlett Curtis’ wonderfully honest and insightful…

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