Star Trek: Into Darkness

So back when the Star Trek app was released, I downloaded it and was able to buy a ticket to the early sneak of the film (then two days before it would be released here in the US). Finally, the day had arrived.

I was already in a frenzy of anticipation because it’d been building for who knows how long. I didn’t grow up with Star Trek, always made sure to flip past it when I saw it on SciFi. I was more of a Star Wars fan. Then JJ Abrams made Star Trek a few years ago and after much pleading from my boyfriend at the time, I sat down to watch it.

It absolutely blew me away. The score by Michael Giacchino, the cinematography, the acting by Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, etc; the action, the romance, the comedy, the drama, the excitement. I loved everything about it. (Well, besides, “Are you out of your Vulcan mind?” Damnit, Bones). I immediately bought it on Blu-Ray and downloaded the soundtrack. Just thinking about Enterprising Young Men gives me goosebumps.

Between that film and this one, I have become such a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch’s work, so when I heard that he was to play the baddie in the new Star Trek… And actually, ‘baddie’ doesn’t do him any justice at all. Benedict as an actor, nor his character in the film. No, he’s not just another Englishman made sinister due to his accent and angular face. He’s outrageously talented and provides such a likeable quality to this villain that you sit conflicted as to whether you should be rooting for Kirk and Spock or hoping John Harrison gets away at the last second.

I was already vibrating in my seat when the first few bars of Michael’s score started (mind you, this is during the introduction of the production companies). I won’t reveal anything because it would be ridiculous to do so after JJ and his cast did such a tremendous job of withholding some long-since-abandoned-in-this-industry secrecy throughout; but holy shit. What a fucking film.

I laughed a ton, I cried, I wanted to shout, I wanted to beg; I wanted to watch it again as soon as the credits rolled.

I walked out of the theatre finding myself unable to form real words, and yet wanting to call anyone who would listen to me and expell my feelings. It blew me away. It floored me. It left me emotionally compromised and stunned (thank you). It did not disappoint in the least; if anything, it took any expectations I had and made them look miniscule in comparison to the result.

I’m just blessed in that I have the capacity to be moved to tears by films and music. Even now, I can’t fully express my feelings toward this film. All I can do is shake my head in quiet appreciation.

Not many things leave me speechless. Well-played, JJ.

Did I mention it was in IMAX 3D? Jesus.

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