Well, Now I Know How Anderson Felt

Went out about 10pm looking for the Entertainment Weekly issue featuring BBC’s Sherlock.

Sherlock scarf

Walgreens on 200th and Maple was closed.

Sherlock sheet

Went to Wal-Mart on 170-something and Maple.

Sherlock shezza

Went to Baker’s on 156th and Dodge.

Sherlock sad

Thought for sure HyVee on 156th and Maple would be my saving grace.

Sherlock angry

CVS on 144th and Maple, surely.
Hey, do you guys carry Entertainment Weekly?

Sherlock nope

“Sorry about that, have a nice night.”

Sherlock smile to not

Okay… Walgreens on 132nd and Maple.

Sherlock gasp

No. It’s January’s issue.

Sherlock cry

You know… if I could just find this issue…

Sherlock lovely

What I feel like doing now:

Sherlock fall

What I would have done had I found it:

Sherlock kiss

What I need now (besides the issue):

Sherlock hug

Is it okay?

John no it's not

Lestrade not really

What everyone reading this is probably doing:

Sherlock stare

Modern Sherlock is Modern

So I’m a huge Sherlock fan – the show on BBC (and sometimes PBS).

What’s great about it is that it holds the integrity of Conan Doyle. They were timely when they were written, so why shouldn’t they be timely now? The films with RDJr are great – but of course set back in that Victorian time. The Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat BBC creation is set today, but with the same stories.

Just a few changes of course – instead of letters, Sherlock gets texts; instead of journaling, Watson blogs.

I really enjoy this interview with the geniuses behind the show:

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