Snow Day

We had a mini-blizzard here in Omaha yesterday/last night. I woke up today (hoping) thinking my office might be closed if it had continued… it hadn’t, and it wasn’t, but I decided to work from home.

It has been an absolutely lovely day. I wish I could do this all the time.

I’ve gotten some actual work done, believe it or not.

I’m trying to talk myself into doing laundry/dishes/Hoovering now to save my weekend for hardcore laziness.

It’s just nice being home during the week, you know? Yesterday I left work early during the mini-blizzard and shortly after I got home, my doorbell rang with UPS on the other end. That saved me a trip to my apartment office. Then today, the doorbell rang again with the post office on the other end, which saved me another trip to my apartment office.

It’s just nice to be home to meet people at the door.

And I get to work on my Mac, listen to my iTunes, sing as loudly as I want, and do housework (that is, if I can get myself to do it).

Oh, and did I mention, that I’ve been in my snow day wardrobe all day: sweater, long johns, and scarf.

It’s wonderful. I need to do this more often.

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