Ghost of a Good Thing

I’ve been, depressingly, put into a situation where I feel isolated.

Have you ever been there? Not that it’s rare.

A family member told me he was planning on doing something that I completely don’t agree with and it really breaks my heart. What’s more is that I don’t seem to have the support of another immediate family member regarding the issue, NOR my “impulsively” going to London, which further breaks my heart.

The isolation comes in here: because I don’t want anyone I know/who knows the first family member to think less of him, I can’t talk to anyone about it.

I feel like I’ve learnt of my parents’ divorce all over again. They got divorced after 25 years of marriage in December of 2011.

I’m not a child anymore, but I guess I’m not adult enough to accept it yet. Nor this.

Selfishly, I picture my wedding day, for the first time, with a bit of sadness.

Not a typical post for me, but I had to “tell” “someone.” I had to get some of this out.

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