It’s February First

In case you hadn’t checked the date yet today.

To me, it feels more like New Years Day than New Years Day did.

The beginning of the year was packed with traveling and Christmas and more traveling and more Christmas… and more traveling and more Christmas… and then one more traveling to get home. We ate and ate and ate and ate some more, and slept like shit on an air mattress and a full-sized bed.

On top of all that, I had finally received the demand letter which was to go to the drunk driver’s insurance company so we can finally settle this damn thing. I learned that he had gotten picked up while driving under revocation and I think I laughed for about an hour. I could have bet anyone any amount of money that he would have done that and I would have won whatever amount of money I had bet. Some people just don’t learn. I had typed up an entry ten days after his sentencing a year ago about how I desperately hoped that he had gotten the wake-up call he needed and that every day since the accident had been filled with reevaluation and change.

Guess not. Idiot.

The days after traveling were filled with sleep, laziness, Fallout 4, and more laziness. It was amazing. Andrew was off of work, waiting to start his new job, so we got to actually spend time together. Even though, toward the end, he started getting cabin fever, I was so damn happy to have him home. We hadn’t gotten that kind of time together since… I don’t know when. It was a nice prize after suffering through his shitty Pac Sun hours.

Then, as he was about to start his new job at Target, I decided to check out the Target site for any openings. There’s a Target Express just right down the street that I’m obsessed with, and they happened to have a Team Lead position available. I applied, even though I had never been in a management position. A day or two later, I got a call to set up an interview.

Since then, I’ve had two additional interviews, and I’m just waiting on pins and needles for The Call. Whatever the decision may be. I’m always a hopeful, err-on-the-side-of-positive person, and I feel like I’ve got the job already. It’s one of those things where I went into it thinking, ‘this would be great, I love Target, I could probably do this job’ and since that first interview, I know this is the job I should have, it’s the job I deserve, and it’s the job at which I’m going to excel.

Then again, I may not get it. Maybe it’s not the right time, maybe it’s not the right any-number-of-things.

We’ll see.

Still doing film production, as if I could give that up. Brentwood Strangler, the short we produced, has won a few film festival awards, and we’re to be filming our first feature film this spring/summer in Australia. I’m so excited to head back to Oz and see my twins! 2016 is really shaping up to be a good year so far.

Also, in the mean time, since all the travel and eating, I’ve changed my diet; I lost the six or so pounds I gained over the holidays, putting me back to where I started. Today, I’m starting the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and a five-day workout split. I’ve got a renewed sense of, I don’t know, purpose? I guess? I’ve been visualizing myself doing these lifts and taking progress pictures and, much like with the Target job, I just feel like I’ve already accomplished what I set out to do.

I’m going to be twenty-eight this year. [Jesus]. It’s time I embrace being an adult and take care of what needs care. My body, my mind, my bank account. I got a nice little preparatory month and now the real shit is going to go down. It’s February First and the New Year is officially underway.

What’s new? Well, a lot. But first: weight loss.

A year ago, I was unemployed and trying to outwork a bad diet. I had a goal to be my healthiest by my golden birthday. While scrolling through Pinterest, I came across an AdvoCare distributor/inspiration named Terica Messmer – I had no idea what AdvoCare was, but after reading her story, I knew then that I wanted to try it. I actually lost ten pounds in the first ten days (see what I mean about ‘bad diet’?) and then another five-ten pounds throughout the next two weeks. I was well on my way to meeting my goal until I was hit by a drunk driver. That essentially put me back at square one. I continued to take the AdvoCare vitamins, but I wasn’t able to work out or buy groceries like before.

Here I am, almost a year later, still using AdvoCare products and with the same goal of being fit by my birthday; however, this time I have an additional goal: I want to be successful helping others and creating other leaders in AdvoCare.

I actually just completed the 24 Day Challenge (new and improved, let me tell you.. unflavored fiber drink AND chocolate peanut butter meal shakes? HELLO) and lost 8.2lbs, 1.6% body fat, and 16″ overall 🙂 I posted my before and after photos on instagram yesterday before I had a chance to change my mind, so I guess I should post them here, too.

friisey-1053705196665896932_24884158 friisey-1053705855783993335_24884158

I absolutely cannot wait to see what I can do in the next month! Going to continue this trend and see what it looks like when I don’t quit. I know what it looks and feels like when I do quit.

I feel like I’m actually on my way to where I want to be. And on my way to meeting my goal of being fit by 27. I’m done feeling unhappy and uncomfortable with myself. I’m taking products I believe in and I’m sharing them with others – my friend Chelsy started her 24 Day Challenge nine days ago and has already lost SIX POUNDS. She’s absolutely killing it – sticking to healthy foods, drinking her water, doing a bit of workout.. I’m overjoyed for her and I cannot wait to see her progress photos and measurements in the end!

Shameless plug: If anyone is interested in trying some AdvoCare, whether it’s the 24 Day Challenge or maybe just some Spark (the best non-energy-drink energy drink ever), a multivitamin you know is good when you look at the board of doctors behind it; maybe you’re trying to bulk up or cut, you’re not sleeping well, or you want an easier alternative for breakfast with the meal replacement shakes… Seriously, there’s something for everyone; take a peek: AdvoCare

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